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Because the skull is so thin, and the head is relatively small, the radiation penetrates almost through the head. In the adult, it only penetrates a smaller distance. Carpenter will testify before Congress about the dangers of cell phones. Most studies found there was no association between cell phone use and tumors. Myrna Rosenfeld, neuro-oncologist. Rosenfeld says the use of cell phones has exploded, but incidents of brain tumors are down. And these are Just dangerous situations to be in.

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Researchers conclude that kids younger than 12 should not use mobile phones except in emergencies. They also say teenagers should use only hands-free devices. Use and Misuse of Mobile Phones 5 May We will write a custom essay sample on.

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Use and Misuse of Mobile Phones. Besides the ease of communication, expressing oneself creatively has also never been so straightforward.

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With our applications, we can easily draw, take photographs, write, edit, paint, make videos, and more. Besides an ease of expression, the entertainment aspect of mobile phones is substantial. These include video and audio players which play a variety of formats — such as remote control applications which play music tracks on your computer, apps that let you buy and sync music from the online stores and other devices, compose and record songs, personalized radio, digital TV, streaming of live scores and so on.

Music and video apps are perhaps the most glaring example of the rise of multimedia in entertainment, and include notable examples such as S potify, TuneIn Radio, Apple Music, Play Music, Groove Music, Pandora , etc.

Basically, the mobile phone has become a miniature laptop computer in terms of its entertainment capabilities. Mobile phones are not only fantastic for increasing communication, creativity, and entertainment opportunities, but also for keeping us safe. According to Love to Know , mobile phones allow us to call for help, aid us in finding our cars, give us the opportunity to employ GPS to make sure we do not get lost, and gives us a hard weapon in hand Tucker, Laura.

The more applications you have, the greater chance you are safe.

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You might have a flashlight app, an emergency call app, find your home app, and much more. The key is to have these apps handy in case a difficult situation arises, instead of filing them away on your phone. Finally, mobile phones have a huge advantage over non-smartphones: the opportunity to use the internet. The internet allows you to search for information so quickly, that even competent people are often slower at recalling and coming up with the information you need. Even with an internet connection based on data, a Google search takes little time. You can search for the restaurant you want to go to, a word that you forgot, the location of the nearest police office for aid, and find any other pertinent information.

With its help, we can be as smart and informed as we want to be at any given moment. No matter where you go, people on your cell phone are booming. It has often reached the rate of seeing young couples walking on the beach in their hands.

Mobile Phones and Children

Both hands hold their individual cells talking to others. In the event of an emergency, networks are often blocked by the use of indiscriminate mobile phones. Various health hazards are expected due to misuse of mobile phones.

One of them is the reduction of male sperm caused by long-term use. The children caught storing answers on their phones for use during the test. If technology makes us uneasy, impatient, and deprives us of really important moments, we use technology.

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A cup of hot tea is the backdrop for walking on the beach, receiving rain and expensive love. What do you use if you are deprived of the pleasures of hearing the waves and walking on the beach? It is the responsibility of the user to use the technology with caution, as it is subject to misuse of the use with all techniques. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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Mobile Phones And Its Effect On Children

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