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While still in high school, Paul. He wrote one program that could accurately predict the flight path of model rockets.

Paul Graham’s best posts – Moving People to Action

The school is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was established in To Graham, this was exciting news, yet Graham was really in no position to invest in anything at this point in his life. Basically he would find a part-time consulting job working in the software business and then after he had grown his savings to a certain level he would then quit this job and focus as much of his time as he could into his real love which was painting and art.

Life seemed so much more fun in college. Well, of course it was. In , Paul was listening to the radio show that was discussing the massive opportunities and the near endless possibilities of online commerce which at that moment nobody was really using. The promotional program was being paid for by Netscape, which was trying to convince people to invest in their business before their initial public offering.

Because he pays close attention, a Navy pilot can land a 40, lb. In , he and his friend Robert Morris started the company called Viaweb to be the first application service provider written primarily in the Common Lisp coding language.

Lisp is still a secret weapon

Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook all began this way. He sincerely hated doing the consulting, but he had to do it to finance his love of art. He then had the idea that he and his friend from Harvard, Robert Morris could work together to start their own business. Eventually, they decided to create a program that would allow a business to quickly create their own online store. However, in those days in order for a product to gain mass acceptance it had to work on the Windows operating systems and thus, it had to be written for windows. However, as an artist and a hacker he hated everything about Windows to the extent that he had never even invested the time to learn how to write programs for it.

In fact, he preferred writing using a coding language called Lisp which was an open-source operating system.

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Over the years since, he has written several essays describing features or goals of the language, and some internal projects at Y Combinator have been written in Arc, most notably the Hacker News web forum and news aggregator program. In , after giving a talk at the Harvard Computer Society later published as "How to Start a Startup", Graham along with Trevor Blackwell , Jessica Livingston and Robert Morris started Y Combinator to provide seed funding to a large number of startups , particularly those started by younger, more technically oriented founders.

Mr. Startup: Paul Graham, founder of YCombinator, and his "no asshole" rule

Y Combinator has now invested in more than startups, including Justin. In , Paul Graham married Jessica Livingston. Graham has a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Cornell University [15] [16] Graham proposed a "disagreement hierarchy" in a essay "How to Disagree", [19] putting types of argument into a seven-point hierarchy and observing that "If moving up the disagreement hierarchy makes people less mean, that will make most of them happier.

Following this hierarchy, Graham notes that articulate forms of name-calling e.

Graham considers the hierarchy of programming languages with the example of "Blub", a hypothetically average language "right in the middle of the abstractness continuum. It is not the most powerful language, but it is more powerful than Cobol or machine language. Graham considers a hypothetical Blub programmer. When the programmer looks down the "power continuum", he considers the lower languages to be less powerful because they miss some feature that a Blub programmer is used to.

But when he looks up, he fails to realise that he is looking up: he merely sees "weird languages" with unnecessary features and assumes they are equivalent in power, but with "other hairy stuff thrown in as well". When Graham considers the point of view of a programmer using a language higher than Blub, he describes that programmer as looking down on Blub and noting its "missing" features from the point of view of the higher language.

Graham describes this as the "Blub paradox" and concludes that "By induction, the only programmers in a position to see all the differences in power between the various languages are those who understand the most powerful one.

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The concept has been cited by writers such as Joel Spolsky. Paul Graham computer programmer Paul Graham.

I think this essay by Paul Graham is the These essays made him a celebrity among young Last week, Y Combinator announced an alternative to convertible notes for early stage funding of their investee companies, dubbed "SAFE" "Simple Agreement. Every investment so far in this YC batch and there have been a lot has been.

Paul Graham (programmer)

Paul Graham Essays on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur from the founder of Y Combinator, the most well known startup incubator in the world. I have tremendous respect for Paul Graham. His essays — repackaged in the book Because that's what Mr. Later I came to know of Paul Graham, head of Y Combinator, is best known for his essays on Paul also notes there are two important things to Convertible notes technically don't set a Has convertible debt won?

And if it has, is that a good thing? Every investment so far in this YC batch I stumbled upon Y Combinator co-founder