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Arnold Dolmetsch.

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That year Pound was fifty-one. In Laughlin's first letter to Pound, he wrote: Expect, please, no fireworks. I am bourgeois-born Pittsburgh ; have never missed a meal. But full of 'noble caring' for something as inconceivable as the future of decent letters in the US.

Much more than documents.

A Retrospect. Date Line. The Tradition. Arnaut Daniel. Literary Essays of Ezra Pound. Ezra Pound. The Serious Artist.

Ezra Pound

It is good. I should read ABC of Reading now.

The Pound Vortex--An Essay by Guy Davenport

I really enjoyed this one. Thank goodness we have some distance from Tennyson. I can see how he would have become oppressive.

I recall being very impressed by it and wondering if he read Chinese. Maybe i Will try it again but The mere fact i can recall it after more than 50years says something.

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  • I remember thinking pound knows tbings my teachers dont. Literary Essays has almost nothing about Pound's interest in Chinese. I don't know if that is Eliot's choice or what.

    Literary essays of Ezra Pound / edited with an introduction by T.S. Eliot - Details - Trove

    Probably means nothing. Pound, at the least, would say things our teachers would not. This sounds pretty great--including that crackpot Italian interlude. By coincidence, I finally picked up Pound's Cantos yesterday inspired--in part at least--by the poet's apparent imprint on Enard's novel Zone. Timing is everything, no? I see, poking around, that the Enard has quite a bit of Pound in it.

    Nice to break them up.

    Literary Essays by Leila Pound

    Pound is a real litmus test for people's ability to hold two things in their heads at the same time Faulkner is another. If someone can't get around the fact that he was a blatant fascist and Faulkner a blatant racist , that's understandable, but that person is missing a whole lot of maybe vitally important stuff. Pound is maddening and indispensable, in both prose and poetry more indispensable in poetry, natch. The timing matters, too. Often, quite often, in earlier pieces Pound has throwaway lines that made me think "interesting, I wish he had developed that idea.

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    Much of the entire world history of poetry was passing through him. It is astounding.

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    • Around that same time my circle of friends, us being Borges' fans, disliked Pablo Neruda's poetry, even without knowing much about it. That poem is not in the book I am reading, the Grove Press Ben Belitt translation, which is one pye-culiar critter.