Dissertations of distant learning

In stead of attending courses personally, teachers and students communicate at times of their convenience and choosing and exchange printed or electronic material through any suitable technology. Online education can be as recognized as a tangible and interactive learning experience through which students can earn even a doctoral degree.

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Virtual classrooms use the internet to have a mutual multimedia experience where one can have video conferences, video lessons and other stimulating learning prospects. Concept f distant learning is not new as it was University of London that first offered distance learning degrees, establishing its External Program in [ Key Facts].

Distance Education through the Internet

Distance learning is the delivery of instruction and the fulfillment of course work from remote locations; allowing instructors and students to interact without being in the same place. New technologies have made distance learning an increasingly popular option for institutions and students alike. The Internet, e-mail, video conferencing, and other interactive systems allow schools to experiment with unique modes of teaching and learning, use resources that do not reside on their own campuses, and attract faculty and students who are far from campus or cannot travel to campus very often.

Now a days almost all open universities use distance education technologies as basic teaching approach [Moore, Michael G ]. Although there is no substitute for regular education system but distance learning is contributing considerably in the field of education. A distance learning program has a number of advantages. It provides opportunity to the learners to have little interference in the professional life. It is an excellent alternative for those who look for improving their careers or who require some special form of training.

Top 10 International Distance Doctoral Programs

Online distance education is rapidly increasing among mainstream universities in the United States, where online doctoral programs have even developed at prestigious research institutions [Hebert, D. Some people who work cannot afford to spare time for regular classes and at the same time need to enhance their skills for further development in career. Some people who want to study in prestigious institutions and do not get opportunity to physically join such institute for want of finances or inter government permissions also make us e of this system to obtain the required education.

Distance learning can offer them experience to learn through new technologies, methods and approaches and gain knowledge and practical experience. Distance learning programs are easier to be planned as it needs a smaller amount of time and commitment. Distance learning programs present more geographic flexibility.

They also offer introduce the learners to students of various origins and afford them an opportunity to have interaction.

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Distance learning programs offer access to faculty in many different locations where as class work can be scheduled according to personal and professional availability. Distance learning does not involve travel and saves time that otherwise was to be spent on going and driving back. A learner can complete a large amount of the classes at convenience. A learner can do and review the assignments and can do homework at its convenience.

Distance learning programs make it extremely comfortable for ladies in particular and parents in general that have kids. This allows such parents not to look for care arrangements because they can take of both kids and classes from home at the same time. Information technology made the whole affairs very easy as online classes solved all possible convenience concerns.

It is extremely useful for disabled persons and senior citizens who feel it hard to attend customary regular classes. They now are not much worried and concerned about having access to a classroom. Instead they can use comfortable settings in their home making the learning environments more convenient. As a result people with restricted mobility also have a chance to develop their education and shills.

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Virtual education is now an integral element of the planning by most institutions and training organizations. The worth of distance learning has greatly improved over a period of time in last many years, because both students and educators feel more relaxed with the technology. While quality of distance learning has improved at the same time distance learning programs also significantly increased.

It is heartening to find out that distance learning organizations are now being fully recognized by the proper government agencies. The objective of official approval is to make sure that education provided by such virtual institutions meets satisfactory standard of excellence. Browser does not support script.

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Degree requires the completion of a Master's Degree or equivalent, and earning a minimum of 60 academic credits, around hours of study, plus a doctoral thesis. Elaborating a thesis is a good opportunity to research about specific topics, or prepare the foundation of a good publication. See List Fees include all: Program of study, textbooks, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript.

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Bircham International University distance learning degree admission requirements differ depending upon the Faculty and the major of study. More info Bircham International University offers various distance learning degree programs. These distance degree programs are highly affordable and cover more than disciplines including management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, engineering, and others.

Faculty of Computer Science - See List Faculty of Psychology - See List Bircham International University is a higher education alternative for adults from all countries and cultures who choose not to attend a formal campus based university. The special character of BIU is reflected in its diversity of programs, its effective pedagogical distance learning degree programs and its international presence. In today's world, companies often require employees not only to have acquired professional experience but also a university education. BIU offers you the opportunity of boosting your professional career with our many distance learning degree programs.

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