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If slavery could no longer be sustained, racist Southerners would use other weapons to intimidate and disenfranchise their black neighbors. By the s, Southern whites had created the Jim Crow system, which enforced racial segregation throughout the South. Only with the advent of the civil rights movement would African-Americans succeed in dismantling this system of local oppression—with the help of Northern supporters and, crucially, a newly engaged federal government under President Lyndon B.

This account creates two false narratives: it presents institutionalized segregation as a Southern-only problem, and it sets American history on an upward trajectory from oppression to freedom.

The Founding Fathers struggled to deny these claims. Racial oppression, whether rooted in slavery or the theft of Indian land, had always been driven by white economic gain. The plantation crops that had sustained the Southern slave system were not as profitable as they had once been, and politicians in every slaveholding state agreed to ban new imports of slaves.

The cotton boom, which made American slavery more profitable than it had ever been, was still decades away. After , officials of the new federal government believed that they could expand westward in partnership with Native people, rather than through terror and conquest. In the case of both blacks and Indians, then, the early United States witnessed what we might call an integration moment after the Revolution.

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But the work of promoting integration quickly ran aground. If African Americans needed schooling and support to make the transition to freedom and equality, would they receive this from federal, state, or city government? From charities? From their former enslavers? While liberal whites argued over how best to overcome degradation, many white Americans concluded that abolition would be more difficult than they had initially imagined. In , war hero George Washington became the first president of federal government by virtue of constitution.

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With influence of European community, coping with scope of central government proved to be a challenging issue for American people. In s, creation of political parties was initiated and later fighting for the second independence in Consequently, this brought about expansion of US territory westwards. With this, the US managed to overcome modernizers who were solely interested in deepening its economy rather than helping American people in expanding their geography.

Heavy demand for cotton in southern states encouraged slavery of Africans even though it was illegal in northern states. In , came the election of Abraham Lincoln as president and this triggered a crisis in slave states as he dejected the expansion of slave trade. Amongst the slave states, some of them seceded in forming the Confederate States of America in This brought about American Civil War, which was from to This iconic event redefined the American nation, as it was a fight that aimed at preserving the Union, which was the United States of America. From inauguration of the Constitution, differing opinions existed on the role of federal government.

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It was a belief of Federalists that in order to ensure the union does not collapse, there was need for the federal government to hold on to power. Anti-federalists on the other hand, were of the opinion that sovereignty of the new states were to remain within their countries. Anti-federalists believed that each state had the right to determine their own set of laws and it is not right to indict them in following mandates of the federal government. With the advent of the slavery, Northern states completely squared off against Southern states.

The main reason for this being economic interests of north and south which were opposed to each other. In addition, Southerners largely depended on large-scale plantations of cotton, which was more labor intensive. Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you!

Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877

We were divided. The North wanted to reunite with the southern states. The American Civil War was arguably the most important war in the history of the country. While the Confederacy of the United States depended on slave labor for their economy in regards. A Civil War is a battle between the same citizens in a country. The American Civil War was fought from to to determine the independence for the Confederacy or the survival of the Union.

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By the time Abraham Lincoln was elected president in , in the mist of 34 states, the constant disagreement caused seven Southern slave states to their independence from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America. The Confederacy, generally known as the South, grew to include eleven. The American Civil War was an unfortunate war that cost more than the lives of six hundred thousand people.

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Events such as the Missouri Compromise, Kansas Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Decision, and the Election of Abraham Lincoln resulted in the four yearlong battles between the Northern and Southern states due to social and economic differences on the idea of slavery. In the 19th century,. It was the bloodiest war in American history, killing approximately , soldiers in total. The War was fought and won by the North, ensuring that all the United States would stay united and slavery would be illegal in The United States.

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However, history is one of the most complicated things in the world. Historians have debated.