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Exploring Inspector Goole In An Inspector Calls English Literature Essay

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An Inspector Calls

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Entertainment forums. Other interests. Applying to uni? Started uni this year? Her suicide, seen in this way, is likely the product not of one person acting alone, but of a group of people each acting alone; it resulted from several causes. If Birling had not sacked Eva in the first place, Sheila could not have had her dismissed from Milwards, and Eric and Gerald would not have met her in the Palace bar. Had she never known Eric, she would never have needed to go to the charity commission. Time, which deeply fascinated Priestley, is a central theme in many of his works.

An Inspector Calls explicitly deals with the nature of time in its final twist: has the play, we might wonder, simply gone back in time? Is it all about to happen again?


An Inspector Calls Essay Examples | Kibin

What are we to make of the police inspector who rings to announce his arrival at the end of the play? Is the original Inspector, perhaps, a ghost? What forces are at work in the play to make the Birlings really accept their responsibility and guilt? There is, Priestley observes, such a thing as society, and he argues that it is important that people be aware of the effects of their actions on others.

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  • The Birlings, of course, initially do not think at all about how they might have affected Eva Smith, but they are forced to confront their likely responsibility over the course of the play. Log in Sign up. Find a tutor How it works Prices Resources. Sign up. How do I write about context in my essay? Answered by Bronte K. Need help with English Literature?

    Find a tutor. What are the typical recurring themes in Shakespeare's plays?