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One method of rainwater harvesting is rooftop harvesting. With rooftop harvesting, most any surface — tiles, metal sheets, plastics, but not grass or palm leaf — can be used to intercept the flow of rainwater and provide a household with high-quality drinking water and year-round storage. Other uses include water for gardens, livestock, and irrigation, etc.

Short Essay On Rainwater Harvesting

The reasons for using rainwater harvesting systems answer three questions:. What : Rainwater harvesting will improve water supply, food production, and ultimately food security. Who : Water insecure households or individuals in rural areas will benefit the most from rainwater harvesting systems. How : Since rainwater harvesting leads to water supply which leads to food security, this will greatly contribute to income generation. Here are conversations about rainwater harvesting RWH including best practices, troubleshooting, and advice about tanks and systems.

Sourced from the Dgroups website, which is a free member-only forum, where people can ask a pool of over 3, members about rainwater harvesting. The main components of rain water harvesting system are; plenty of rainfall, catchment areas, pipes and gutters, storage system and tanks, filters and distribution system.

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In urban populated areas good quality water is becoming scarce and costly. Rain water harvesting in urban areas meets the water supply and prevents the waste of water. Solar PV panels are being used to harvest the rain water in most parts of the country. Rain water harvesting is a boon during the scarce times. It not only meets the water supply but maintains our environment too. Rain water harvesting is the accumulation, storage, preservation and filtration of rain water for future use of water as drinking water or for several other uses.

The stored rain water has to be maintained regularly. The main purpose of rain water harvesting is to channel the rain water from the catchment surface such as roof top or other solid surface and then direct it through distribution system in to the storage tanks. There are various benefits and uses of rain water harvesting. However harvesting systems have to be designed functioned and maintained to ensure the quality of water.

The water also needs to be purified and filtered for use. Rain water harvesting is the process of collecting, storing and preserving water for using it later. The methods are traditional as well as modern and simple as well as complex. Some techniques are implemented by government with planning throughout the country and some are practiced independently by people at their home.

Surface Water Storage System: The water directly collected on ground is the surface water. The water usually runs off the slopes and gathers towards the point of dispersion where it gets collected. This method enables the collection of water from the ground surface and with the help of drainage pipes the water is directed to the rivers, ponds, wells and other water bodies.

Thus, the water can later be used for several purposes. Rooftop System: This is a traditional method and is also practiced by individuals at home more so in the rural areas.

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In this method, the water that is collected on the rooftop of the building is directed towards the water containers or tanks through pipes. The water from the rooftops can also be directed towards the barrels or to refill the underground borehole. Dams: The rain water is directly collected in dams and the accumulated surface water is directed towards the dam.

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The dam water is used for several purposes after purification. The water is also supplied for domestic use for the people.

Underground Tanks: Underground tanks are constructed for water storage. Water is directed to the underground tanks through pipelines. Rain Saucer: Rain saucer is a great way to collect rain water directly. The rain saucer has a huge funnel like structure like an upside down umbrella on the top of the water container which directs the water in to the container. Trenches: In this method rain water is directed towards the farms through trenches and the water is used for irrigation purpose.

Solar power panels: Solar power panels are used in most parts of the world for harvesting rain water. It provides good quality water and can be used as drinking water with simple filtration process. Flooded forest: The harvesting of rain water can also be done by growing flooded forest.

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These are the forests that capture large amount of rain water. Thus, there are various different methods that can be practiced for harvesting the rain water to prevent the insufficiency and waste of water. Water can be stored and used throughout the year with the help of this method.

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